Heavy load

Not only does the loading and assembly work with our cranes make us a strong partner, but also heavy and special transport does, too.

Our dedicated logistics team:

  • Plans your project in a timely manner
  • Coordinates the vehicle requirements
  • Works out a route and obtains the necessary transport permits

Due to the individual combination of our vehicles with the corresponding trailers we are equipped for any kind of transport.

Our fleet consists of the following vehicles:

  • Truck with loading crane
  • Semitrailer 13.60 m
  • Telescopic trailer and double telescopic trailer 13.60 m – 29.00 m
  • Telescopic semi trailer and double telescopic semi trailer 13.60 m – 25.00 m
  • Low-loader: length 6.40 m – 18.60 m
  • Low-loader: length 7.50 m – 18.60 m, 38 tonnes – 60 tonnes
  • Flatbed trailer
  • Plateau trailer

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